Who am I? What a difficult question, isn´t it?

I´m Soraya, a Spanish girl who decided to move to the UK in 2013. I had a job I loved but decided to quit, for two reasons mainly: on one hand the economic crisis – I was looking for opportunities and improving my English that was very little, well I´m still working on it. On the other hand, to satisfy my need for adventures, meeting new people, facing different cultures and see the world. I´m not going to lie, living in a different country is a proper challenge.

I´m passionate about travelling and, most important, I would like to share my experiences, mistakes and of course learnings with others. Maybe you? Who knows. I have travelled to Cuba, Bali, Norway, Thailand, Marrakech and done quite a few weekends away around Europe and, hopefully, much more to come!

As you can guess I work full-time, so my experiences are limited, but valuable (at least I really hope so). I´m not an expert but I learn fast and perhaps I can help you or give you another point of view. Because one of the best things when travelling is that there isn´t a right or wrong path, just different choices.

Would  you like to follow my stories?

See you around witties

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