Ramen has a name and it is Bone Daddies

It’s cold, really cold. Flu and coughs season, sore throats and running noses. That’s why there is no better excuse to help yourself with a big bowl of Ramen, yummy! and for that there is no better place in London than Bone Daddies.

Bone Daddies Ramen
Bone Daddies Ramen (Credits: Bone Daddies Instagram account)

Recommended by a Japanese girl I thought that I can’t be wrong paying a visit and giving it a try. I can say now that Bone Daddies don’t disappoint.

Ramen broth bull of flavours, fresh ingredients and nice atmosphere is what you are going to find, followed by a more than affordable bill.

“I want to challenge people’s perceptions of Japanese food… I want to make it accessible to everyone”

Chef Ross Shonhan

Under this claim, the first Bone Daddies venue was launched as a simple Ramen Bar in Peter Street (Soho), offering a signature ramen which secret is a pork bone broth cooked for 20 hours, resulting in a fully flavoured and intense broth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Bone Daddies expanded their offer an opened also Flesh & Buns specialised in sushi & steamed buns and Shackfuyu specialised in Kare Pan & Kinako French Toast. To be honest, I haven’t got the chance to try them yet but I’m pretty sure that the experience will be as great as I had with the ramen in Peter St branch. It looks promising and I can’t wait! But no worries witties, I will of course keep you posted.


Their Ramen bar at Peter St does not take reservations. Just works on a walk-in basis. I went there on a Saturday at lunch time and I have to say that I only waited for 10 minutes for a table for two. So just turn up and be patient. They will give you a table very quickly.

Regarding the other venues, the best way to book your table is specified by venue below:

FLESH & BUNS: by calling them on 020 7632 9500 or book via OpenTable

SHACKFUYU: by calling them on 020 7734 7492 or book via OpenTable

Regarding the other Ramen bars, if you are looking to make a booking for a group of 6+ they may be able to make room for you if you call them to the numbers below:

HIGH ST KENSINGTON: 020 7368 4575

OLD STREET: 020 3019 6300

ST. CHRISTOPHER’S PLACE: 020 3019 7140

VICTORIA (NEW! opened on the 16th January 2018): 020 3019 1960

Otherwise, just turn up and test your luck 😉

For more information please check their website out: https://www.bonedaddies.com/

As said, Ramen has its own name in London and it is Bone Daddies. Enjoy!


Don’t forget to check their promotions to make you are your pocket even happier (click on the links below for further details about terms and conditions and how to get the deal – some of them required prebooking and to quote a code):

Peter St

Late Night Menu: one snack, one Ramen and one drink – £15

Flesh & Buns

Express Menu: 2 course and drink – £22 / 3 courses and drink – £24

Sunday Brunch:  £39 or £44 per person

Monday Beer & Buns: All Flesh served with 2 buns per person and a pint of Asahi beer – £15


Express Menu: one small dish, one big dish and one drink – £19

Lunch Bento: Bento box – £12.50

Sunday & Monday Brunch: £39 per person

For more information please check their website out: https://www.bonedaddies.com/

Also, if you go now to other venues than Victoria, you are going to get a 50% off food discount card to go try their new venue in Victoria valid until the end of February. Amazing, isn’t it? Hurry up witties!

As said, Ramen has its own name in London and it is Bone Daddies. Enjoy!


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