Good Friend: Fried chicken from out of this world

You’ll never think about fried chicken in the same way.

If you think about fried chicken I bet you think “bah! I can cook it myself” or more specifically about this post “you kidding! Are you gonna write about fried chicken?”. Yes, I am! But not about any fried chicken, about the BEST fried chicken I’ve ever tried, something out of this world. Don’t you believe me? Then you will have to try it yourself.

First things first: let me introduce you to this absolute gem. The place is called “Good Friend” and it can be found in the heart of London, at 14 Newport St in ChinaTown. Don’t let its shabby look put you off trying, don’t judge a book by its cover and just pop in. I promise you won’t regret it. Otherwise you will miss the best of the best.

At Good Friend you’ll only get it fresh and fried-to-order, at two different temperatures to make it oh-so crispy outside and tender inside and somehow no greasy at all. Difficult to believe when thinking about fried food but it is as true as life.

Absolutedelicius! is the world I have decided to use to describe what I felt when eating Good Friend fried chicken. The owner is so committed that even shipped the oven from Taiwan, exporting and bringing tradition to London, making you feel a little bit closer to Taiwanese street food.

Try whichever option you prefer but if  you ask me the popcorn chicken is a must and so convenient to eat on the go. As a plus, they have also a wide range of seasoning powders to please all mouths: from the very basic salt & pepper to cheese, chilli, curry, cumin, spicy chilli… Over 8 different seasonings powders and if you are brave enough you can also combine them, yujuuuu! isn’t it great? I’ve been told that plum is the best one, which I of course tried (sort of sweet flavour) but my favourite is spicy chilli: Chilli, Chilli, Chilli! but don’t be scared, it is no super spicy, just enough to feel a little bit of burning in your lips and tongue.

If you are around Leicester square, hungry needing a snack, something to grab and go, don’t be silly and just go there! If you regret it, just give me a bad review but I know it will never happen. So sure I am that I bet you 🙂

Next time I go I have to try the bubble tea because every single time I’ve been there the place is full with Asian people ordering bubble tea, which makes me think it’s worth a try! I will let you know 🙂

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday from 11:45am to 11pm

Price list:

  • Popcorn Chicken: £3.80
  • Deep Fried Chicken Breast: £6.00
  • Chicken Fingers: £4.50
  • Volcanic Cheesy Chicken: £7.50
  • Supreme Boneless Chicken: £10.00
  • Deep Fried Drumbstick: £4.00
  • Crispy Chicken Skin: £3.50
  • Tea: from £3.00


Closest tube station: Leicester Square

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do and see you around! or perhaps see you at Good Friend!

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Good Friend

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