gallery Borough Market: why you should visit one of my favourite markets in London

Borough market London

Today I had lunch with my former boss and we decided to meet at Borough Market. It was a great idea because I really love Borough market and couldn’t remember the last time I was there. Thanks Luke for suggesting to go there. So I thought why not to make the most of it and bring my DSLR camera with me to take some shots to show you guys why I love this place so much, and I did it.

About Borough Market…

It is one of the oldest markets in London. Apparently it is not clear when it was opened, as there is no proof of it, but it looks like it opened in 1,014. It has over 1,000 years of history! and it is something you can feel.

It is the perfect lunch spot due to its variety but it wakes up very early in the morning (if you can even say morning to 2am). Wholesalers, bakers and delivery drivers start their activity Monday to Friday at 2am there. It is not open to the general public until 10am (8am on Saturday) but it’s closed on Sundays – time for them to rest and charge the batteries before starting a new week.

Try to find the bell…

There is still a bell that they used to ring to announce the start and the end of the daily trade sales. Unfortunately they don’t ring it anymore but you can still see it there. Try to find it!

Why do I love Borough Market so much?

The are many reasons:

  • The vibe
  • The colours
  • The smells
  • The food
  • The atmosphere
  • The history behind
  • The location…

And because I love food and markets as much as I love to travel 🙂

Go there and experience it! And if the weather is nice, grab something and go to the cathedral yard to enjoy your meal.


Click on each individual image to enlarge.

For more information about Borough market go to its website clicking here.

Have fun, enjoy and see you around witties!



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