Thailand: how much does it cost?

Thailand has an extremely wide offer from very basic to a highly luxury style. I’m more on the budget side as I believe that luxury doesn’t mean great experiences. It is well-known that Thailand is a very touristic country and you can find the offer that suits the most with your life style or pocket.

Talking about pockets, I would like to summarise how much you are going to spend if you travel around Thailand for two weeks. Please bear in mind that in this case I was travelling with my parents and my aunt but I have to say that they were very flexible and we managed to find the balance when looking where to stay or where to eat, so take this as a reference but I can assure you that you can cut down your accommodation costs. Yet it was really cheap and we had a great time, ole ole ole!

So, how much does it cost?

In the table below you can find a summary of the expenses per person for a two weeks trip around Thailand:

Transport Food Accommodation Activities Total
Cost in THB 2,388 7812.5 3,846.5 2,350 16,397
Cost in ₤ 54.14 177.11 87.20 53.27 372.00
Average per day (in ₤) 4.16 13.62 6.71 4.10 28.62

*Accommodation: please note that the price of the accommodation is based on a double room and  the price is calculated per person rather than per room.

The summary is great right but you may be wondering if I can give you some specific examples: sure thing!

Practical examples:


A taxi in Bangkok from Siam Square to China town:

150THB (negotiating price). It was impossible to get a taxi driver that agreed to switch on the meter. We tried with 5 different taxi drivers and all of them rejected to take us with meter. The excuse was common amongst them: traffic jam. I´m pretty sure that you can get this ride for about 100THB but we were tired and just accepted the price.

The most expensive trip (within our itinerary):

Bus from Koh Chang to Bangkok, a 6h ride: 490THB (the price included pick up and ferry to the mainland). We took the Government bus 999 (or 99). It was slightly higher compared with the price we paid from Bangkok to Koh Chang (bus 999 239THB + ferry 80THB + pick up 50THB = 369THB). Why? Because we had to book it through a tour operator, there was not stall dedicated to the Goverment bus as we found at Ekkamai bus station in Bangkok. Hint: you can book the tickets online through the following website: However, if you do so, book it with 3 or more days in advance. We received a very confusing message saying something about it was declined and because we didn´t see the transaction on the account we thought that it was rejected for some reason. It wasn´t and we ended up paying it twice… Not a big deal but you feel like a fool. Another option would be to buy return tickets in Bangkok if you have a fixed return date.

The cheapest:

In Bangkok, the ferry to cross the river to visit Wat Arun the temple of Dawn, just only 4THB! ridiculously cheap…

Wat Arun, temple of Dawn, Bangkok
Wat Arun, temple of Dawn, Bangkok


What I loved the most:

The fresh watermelon smoothies for only 30THB. Delicious and so refreshing!

Fresh fruit and smoothies, so refreshing!
Fresh fruit and smoothies, so refreshing!

The most expensive dinner:

Fresh fish in one of the restaurant on the main road in White Sand Beach (Koh Chang): 1,920THB for 4 people, but we ate like kings after a relaxing day on the beach!

kings´dinner, yummy! Thailand, Koh Chang, fresh fish
kings´dinner, yummy!

The cheapest meal:

The lunch at Suk11 Hostel in Bangkok: 175THB for 3 people (no alcoholic drinks) and it was really tasty! Please note that the night restaurant is managed by another let´s say company, so the prices are much higher (we paid 1,248THB for 3 people – but we ordered beers. Besides, yet more expensive).

Suk11 Hostel, Bangkok
Suk11 Hostel, Bangkok


The cheapest and most unusual:

Fan room on raft at Kanchanabury Bamboo House in Kanchanaburi. 236THB for a double room with shared bathroom per night paying in advance and non refundable through Agoda. Click here for more details. Beautiful surroundings and calm atmosphere, definitely I place I´d go back.

Room on raft, Kanchanaburi Bamboo House, Kanchanaburi
Room on raft, Kanchanaburi Bamboo House, very authentic

The most expensive:

Not surprising that the price is Koh Chang was higher than inland.  We stayed at Saikhao Inn and they only had this room available. We paid 1,400TBH for a double room in a superior bungalow during high season but it was a very nice stay. The bungalow was huge, the biggest we had stayed, the staff was very friendly, the place very clean and gave us free water and coffee. There were room with fan for 500THB but they were, of course, full. We didn´t book in advance and was impossible to negotiate prices because they were fully booked. For more details, click here.

Saokhao Inn, Koh Chang, Thailand
Saikhao Inn, Koh Chang, Thailand

Would you like to get £10?

Click here if you would like to get £10 after you book accommodation through and stay. I will get £10 too so we both win 😉


The biggest mishap:

Losing the rental snorkel set which cost me 500THB. This is also the cost of being franc and honest as they guy didn´t remember that I rented them (we also rented a kayak and he didn´t take notes about what we had rented). Renting a double kayak for half a day was 600THB, 300THB each so imagine my face when I had to pay 500THB for the lost snorkel set. I thought of buying a new one instead but was too much of a hassle and didn´t bother to do so.

Kayaking in Koh Chang, Thailand
Kayaking with my dad in Koh Chang, Thailand. As you can see, coordination is not one of our strenghts

The most expensive temple:

It was the Grand Palace but I would pay for it again and again. The tickets cost 500THB per person but the place is just spectacular!

The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

The cheapest attraction:

Actually free! The entrance fee to the ruins in Ayutthaya Historical Park was free until the 31st of January 2017 in memorial of the beloved king Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama IX.

Ayutthaya, Kings Rama IX memorial
Ayutthaya, Kings Rama IX memorial
Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand
Ayutthaya Historical Park, Thailand

What I would do again:

A day trip to Koh Wai from Koh Chang. It was 600THB per person and I loved it. This tiny island is a paradise, white sand, blue waters and it´s the perfect spot if you like snorkel: full of fish and corals of multiple colours.

Koh Wai, little island paradise, Thailand
Koh Wai, little island paradise, Thailand


What was priceless is the family trip of a life time we had. The first time travelling with my parents and my aunt, what a great time we had! Something to remember, something that I´m never going to forget.

Thailand family time, the trip of a life
Thailand family trip, the trip of a life time

As I said you can still make it cheaper as we didn´t pay too much attention on accommodation or food, but yet we found a couple of great deals that allowed us to balance the costs.

Hope you found this post useful and helped you to have a rough idea of how much it may cost to stay two weeks in Thailand.

Have fun, enjoy and see you around witties! How knows, perhaps in Thailand as I´m sure I will go back to visit all the remaining parts I couldn´t visit.

P.S.:  pst pst if you want to know how a solo trip to Thailand became a family trip click here.

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Thailand: how much does it cost?


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