Buddha statue: Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya historical park buddha statue

Ayutthaya, former capital of the Kingdom of Siam, is a great place to explore and discover.

If you are thinking of going to Chiang Mai from Bangkok, you should stop at Ayutthaya on your way to Chiang Mai.


Ayutthaya is a historical city and its historical park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1991. In the historical park you will be able to realise how magnificent this city used to be before it was destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767, who decapitated almost every single image of Buddha they could find in town. It is a real shame, I would love to see how this city would be today if they wouldn´t have destroid everything, every temple. If just looking at the ruins you can see its beauty and power, imagine if we would be able to see the temples as they were then.

How to get there from Bangkok?

There are quite a few options but the most affordable ones are:

Minivan from Bangkok Morchit station: it costs 60THB (single ticket) and you will be dropped very close to the historical park. It is roughly 1 hour trip.

Minivan from Victory Monument: it costs 70THB (single ticket) for 1.5 hours trip.

There are minivan services from Khao San Road too although the price is slightly higher.

Train from Hualamphong station: this option is very convenient if you are planning to go to Chiang Mai by train. If you are not travelling overnight, please think about doing a stop at Ayutthaya to discover the ruins.

For more information about how to get there or around Asia in general, please click here to help you planning your trip. I find this website very useful although I would suggest you to book your tickets once you are in Thailand in one of the ticket stalls, travel agencies, tours operators or directly at the different terminals as you can save money and even bargain the final price. Take the prices you will find on this website as a reference but please note that I´ve been doing some cross comparison and the prices are higher if you book them through this website.

If you are not planning to stay one or several nights in Ayutthaya, I would recommend you to take a tuk tuk or a taxi to visit all the temples. The area is huge and you are not going to have time to see everything by foot. Renting a bike is another alternative, although it´s really hot.

Where to stay?

If you are thinking of an overnight stay I would recommend you to stay at Good Morning by Tamarind: this guest house is conveniently located, very clean and the rooms are huge and with A/C. The atmosphere is calm and relaxed and the place is very colourful and nicely decorated. The staff is approachable and very friendly, they helped us with everything we needed. I would definitely stay there again if I come back to Ayutthaya. Tip: book ahead during high season to ensure you can stay there, it is very popular and there aren’t too many rooms.

Would you like to get £10?

Click here if you would like to get £10 after you book accommodation through booking.com and stay. I will get £10 too so we both win 😉

Have you ever been in Ayutthaya? Did you like it? I loved it! Please feel free to share your thoughts.

See you around witties!



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