Do you recognise this iconic place?

Millenium bridge and St Paul´s cathedral London

I bet that most of you can recognise this iconic place. Yes! It´s is one of the most well-known bridges of London, the Millennium Bridge and St. Paul´s Cathedral is standing majestically in the background. These two are part of the most famous landmarks of London.

This bridge has been shown in several series and films, it´s very characteristic and you can easily recognise it. For instance, you can find this bridge featured on the first episode of the British television first series “Black Mirror“: “The national anthem“. This episode won´t leave you indifferent.  “Black Mirror” is a very controversial mini series and you will love it or hate it but this first episode is the best, so shocking. They talk about the impact that the media can have on our actions.

Anyway, about the Millennium Bridge, this steel suspension bridge for pedestrians connects St Paul´s cathedral and the city with the Tate Modern museum and the Southbank.

Just so you know, all museums in London (excluding the private ones) have free access, everyone can visit the museums for free regardless age, weight, height, hair colour… and day of the week. You only have to pay if you want to visit specific exhibitions. What a great deal, right?  I would recommend you to go there in the afternoon and enjoy the views from the balcony located at the top floor. For more information about opening hours click here.

After that, when it´s dark, you can go on a walk next to the river and enjoy the magical scenery with the different coloured lights reflecting on the water as you can see in the picture above.

Interesting facts about the Millennium Bridge:

1. Two days after it was opened in 2000 the bridge had to be closed due to unexpected swaying motion. How scary, isn´t it?!

2. The bridge was closed for around 2 years before opening it to the public again, 2 years guys!!

3. Londoners nicknamed it “Wobbly Bridge”

4. The changes cost an extra £5m, what the hell!

5. The first time I crossed the Millennium Bridge, it had to be evacuated due to a bomb alert. I was reaching the end (Tate Modern side) when a policeman said “You have to go back, this exit is closed”. In the end it was nothing: a cigarette burning in a bin LOL

Recapping: don´t be afraid of crossing the bridge, it´s completely save now as there is no more swaying motion although it could´ve been a very interesting experience, isn´t it? Enjoy the views at night and go for a walk next to the river. It can be very romantic is you have a person to share this moment with.

Have fun and see you around witties!

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