Spontaneously spontaneous at Trinidad (Cuba)


For this picture not too many words are needed, and just so you know, I´m still laughing about it. It was so random and extremely funny afterwards when we saw the results, it was hilarious, spontaneously spontaneous.

We supported the camera on a protruding brick of a wall, put the timer and ran to be ready before the shutter was automatically pushed and the moment captured. Then, this lovely woman seemed to appear from the nowhere. I still remember that there was a moment of hesitation: she stopped, we shouted and laughed, she stepped back and then just a small hop. Hop hop there it goes!

This picture was captured in the lovely town of Trinidad in Cuba and it truly represents the mood and the colours of this beautiful town. Pastel colours and retro style, narrow and quiet streets during the day opposite to the bustling nights.

Trinidad, recognised for the UNESCO as World Heritage since 1988, it´s a must. If you go to Cuba don´t miss to include Trinidad in your itinerary, I promise you that you won´t be disappointed. Definitely a place I would go back!

See you next week when a new picture of the week will be released. In the meantime, stay around witties!

Mentions: thanks to Silvia and Ernesto, a lovely couple known as “the chitos”, as the camera used to take this shot belonged to them.

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