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blogging is not easy overwhelmed

Blogging is not easy, it is tough, it´s hard to find the time, it´s difficult to understand the rules: SEO, tags, keywords, long tail words, social media… what the hell! So many unknown and unfamiliar terms and still not sure how to make the most of them.

It´s been around 3 months I started blogging. I work full-time and I do blogging on my spare time, however there are lots of things I´m still not familiar with, and it consumes a huge amount of time to search for them. For instance, I created a Facebook profile and I linked it to my blog. It took me a couple of hours, filling in forms and get it live. Then I read that it´s much better to have a Facebook page and well, I´m still trying to find the way of how to link my blog posts to my Facebook page. It is time again for tutorial watching, reading blogs and search on Google. Time, time, time… it takes lots of time.

What to say about twitter! Does anybody know how to use it? I mean, I´m not a fool, I just want to know how to take advantage of it. Another chapter.

However, not having followers doesn´t help at all. Using social media without followers,  you don´t have to be very bright to know that you are not going to reach anyone: 1+1=2. In the end, you rely on your friends and family. It´s nice to have their support, but you want more.

I read a post a couple of weeks ago saying that bloggers are vain, looking for attention, to become the center of the universe, egocentric. Perhaps he was right or at least partially right. I´m Aries, I´m impatient, I like to succeed, I find motivation in challenges and look after my goals.

What´s my goal? Spread the words, share experiences, give tips and advice, help others by telling stories, my stories (see, center of the universe ah!), I hope I can help, entertain, motivate others to do the same or even better, learning from my errors. Cool, fine, but if nobody or just only a few read what you have to say, then what? (impatience, see?).

Don´t give up and keep it up! I tell myself “this is a marathon, long, exhausting, but in the end it would have worth the effort”. This helps me to keep releasing posts and searching for information on how to improve my blogging skills, to make it better.

One thing I have to work hard is on improving my grammar, check for typos and sentences that don´t make sense at all in English. I´m not an English speaker, I´m Spanish and yes it would have been easier to write in my mother tongue, but then it would have been too easy, right? (challenge lover, ummm it seems that the horoscope is not wrong at all… I should start calling for Libras and Leos, “I´m single guys!, but if you don´t love to travel, you have nothing to do”). I´m working on that too, my lovely English teacher is going to put a plan for me to improve my English skills, because if you have to wait for me to spot my own mistakes, well… take a seat, a comfortable one.

So guys, tips, hints and help are more than welcome. I´m not going to give up, I´m a viking.

Are you also feeling confused and overwhelmed? We can support each other 🙂 You are not alone and hope me neither hehe

Stay tuned and see you around witties!!


  1. It was so hard at first setting up a blog! The best attitude is to keep at it, and to find ways to involve yourself in the community! 🙂 One of ways that my blog really started getting noticed was by attending blog parties – these are usually hosted by the bigger blogs in the community – and, in case you don’t know already, it’s basically where you share some of your favourite posts with others and read theirs and give them feedback. It’s a great way to feel integrated in the community, and any one can join it, so the next time there is one being hosted, I’ll invite you 🙂 If you need anymore tips and tricks, feel free to ask as I have googled it all before. PS. Twitter is really useful as a way to promote your blog, if you set one up it is quite simple to link it up to your blog using the social button on here. I think you just have to log in and then when you’re about to publish a post, select ‘Twitter’ and from then on it should auto publish all your posts to your Twitter account 🙂

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