The lama posing, Norway

This week´s picturet is about animals: a lama posing before the shot. This picture was taken in Geirander fjord, Norway, whilst I was hiking.

the lama posing

It was the perfect moment, the lama looking at me, it seemed as if it was actually posing for the picture to be taken. It was a great moment.

After that, well, I kept walking continuing my way up, when I looked back. It looked like the lama didn´t want to pose anymore (there were quite a few other hikers trying to get a nice shot), and it was a bit of a shock, just in a sudden the lama was so pissed off and led it to behave aggressively. People running away, surrounded by sheep as well, it was kind of a chaotic situation. It was funny and scary at the same time. Thank god that I was lucky and didn´t have to run away. You can´t anticipate how an animal will react, so don´t bother them too much, just in case.

If you are planning a trip to Norway, and you would like to know how to get around or where to stay, don´t forget to read my post Norway: one week discovering the fjords – Where to stay and how to get around.

Did you have any unexpected experiences with animals? Feel free to share them and add comments.

Thanks witties!

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The lama posing, Norway


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