Erawan Shrine, Bangkok


Our last day in Thailand, we decided to wander around a little bit during our last hours in Bangkok. It was when we discovered Erawan Shrine.

Erawan Shire, formelly Thao Maha Prom Shrine, is a Hindu statue of Phra Phrom the most Thai common representation of the god Bhrama.

Why have I chosen Erawan Shrine as the first “Picture of the week”?

It was a real discovery, we never planned to go there, and I´m very happy we lived the experience. I was surprised to find such a crowd in a such a small place. People praying and offering gifts to the god Bhrama with such a devotion and adoration. They seemed very happy to be there, to pray, to thank.  I even felt guilty of taking pictures, it made me feel as an intruder, interrupting their sacred moment. So I stepped back and tried to take some shots with lots of respect and not bothering them, the scene deserved a capture.

Would you like to know where to find Erawan Shrine and how to get there? It´s easy, click here.

And what if you would like to know more about the history behind Erawan Shire? Easy as well, click here.

Hope you like this new initiative and don´t forget to stay around witties!

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