Thailand: how a solo trip became a family trip

It is interesting how a solo trip became a family trip.

I have to say that Thailand has always been one of my top 5 destinations. I´ve always been dreaming about it, but I couldn´t find someone who wanted to go with me. That was the main reason I decided to go solo, I was tired of waiting for this someone.

Also, Asia is well-known for being the perfect destination for solo travellers, very safe and friendly. The solo travellers backpack style Paradise.

When did all start then? In August I came back from my two weeks holiday in Bali and after two days in the office I needed something to look forward, a dream to come true in the nearly future. So it was, Thailand, my dreamed destination! Yes! I decided to go for it, solo, with my backpack in January, so I could escape, and skip at least for a couple of weeks, the depressing January British weather. Perfect plan, isn´t it?

And how did it become a family trip then? Well, every September I go to Barcelona to celebrate my dad´s birthday. It is a tradition and I´ve done it every year since I moved to the UK. I have to say that I also go for my mum´s birthday in February, so they can´t be jealous of each other. Anyway, carrying on with the main story: something bad we couldn´t anticipate happened. My granny passed away two days before my dad´s birthday. It was a very tough moment. My granny´s been always extremely loved by all of us, it was very sad. But still my dad deserved a celebration. We didn´t do a huge celebration, we were not in the mood, but we went to have lunch all together: my parents, sister, brother-in-law, my aunt and her husband. We tried to take the most of the moment, we ate delicious sea food, drank nice wine and, the most important, spent time together.

We ordered some deserts. I have to say that we were all a little bit tipsy at that time. So I decided to tell them my oncoming solo trip to Thailand (they are not very happy about me travelling solo). Then I said:

“Hey family, just so you know: I´m going to Thailand in January. And yes, just me, solo”

I was expecting something more like “you are crazy”, “solo again” (I´ve done it only one but you know how family can be, and how they perceive things), “why don´t you wait a little bit till you find someone to go with”, “I don´t  really like the idea of you travelling solo”… I think you can easily have an idea about what I´m talking about.

However, the answers I got were slightly (let´s say) different. My aunt asked, shouting:

“Can I join you?”

And before I had time to react, my mum jumped in saying:

“Oh! I would love to go too! And your dad is going to join  us as well. I don´t go anywhere without him!” 

I felt like it was not real. It wasn´t posible! What the hell was going on? It was my dreamed destination, my moment, my solo trip!!!!!

And then, I looked at their faces. Their expression was like when you say to a little kid that you are going to go to Disneyland. Sparkling wide-opened eyes, begging for a “yes, say yes! Let´s go all together”. I started to feel very excited about the idea of travelling with them, still I am and even more. This is once in life. We´ve never had a proper family trip. When I was little, we used to go with my grandparents to their hometown in Toledo (Spain), a little village where they had a house. We, my sister and I, used to spend the whole summer with my grandparents. Unfortunately, my parents’ holidays did never coincide, perhaps just one week, not enough taking into account that it was a long trip by car to get there. I can only remember two summers where they could coincide for two weeks to stay with us. So, my answer was clear and without hesitation:

“YES, YES, YES!! Let´s do it!”

The downside part is that my sister and bother in law can´t make it. It would have been amazing , a full family trip. It´s a proper shame 😦 Hopefully in the near future.

I´ve learnt that you have to be flexible, take the most of the spur of the moment and go for it. I´m pretty sure that it is going to be one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, something that I´m never going to forget. I´m going to have my first family trip!!!!! It´s never late.

 And today begins the official countdown: 4 weeks to go!!!

See you around witties!

This post is fully dedicated to my iaia (granny in catalán language). Still loving you so much whenever you are. Always in my heart.


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