1st day: challenge accepted

Yes, it´s my first day, actually the first time I´m writing a post. How exciting and scary at the same time.

I´m feeling lost, as Spiderman in a field of sunflowers. To be honest, I thought that it was going to be very straight forward, however with all these menus and setting and odd terms, it feels overwhelming. But here we are, this is not the end, this is the beginning, and I´m not a viking but I´m a warrior: challenge accepted!

First things first, what do you do when you feel lost? Ask for help. So I´ve signed up to a wordpress tutorial “blogging fundamentals”. They send you tasks to do, to get familiar with the blog itself. My first task: writing my first post.

And why not to start writing about travel experiences? Well this in an experience itself, promise. It reminds me when I was going to hike a volcano at night in Bali, Mount Agung, and I needed training. We will talk about it in another post.

Conclusion: I need training and this is the way I´ve decided to start. And as I use to say, there are no right nor wrong paths, just choices. And today I choose to share my feelings.

See you around witties!


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